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Creativity Rules: Excerpt

Creativity Rules! A Writer’s Workbook
by John Vorhaus

good writing

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What is good writing?

In grade school it was keeping the letters between the lines.  In junior high, good writing equaled good spelling, plus the arcane skill of diagramming sentences.  In high school I heard that the classics were good writing, but the classics put me to sleep.  In college they said that good writing was all about conflict.  I disagreed; they gave me an A. (more…)

The Comic Toolbox: Excerpt

The Comic Toolbox: How to be Funny Even if you’re Not
by John Vorhaus

Chapter 2: The Will to Risk

comic toolbox

A newspaper reporter called me not long ago.  Since I’m now some sort of soi-disant expert on the subject of comedy, this reporter wanted to know if I thought there were people with absolutely no sense of humor.  Was it possible, the writer wondered, to be completely and irremediably unfunny? (more…)