Wish I Could Bottle This One

A great (and extravagantly detailed) review of The Albuquerque Turkey right here. The best part isn’t that the reviewer found it funny but that he found the heart I intended to be found. With all due false modesty, I think that resonance, that humanity, is what sets this book apart from what I’ve written up till now.

Meanwhile, I’m in San Diego, doing some TV appearances and an in-store at Mysterious Galaxy. It’s hilarious what TV gets wrong. They described me on-air this morning at a “professional poker player.” Ha! As if! Well, a couple of weeks ago a newspaper article identified Vic Mirplo as Ron Mirplo. Ron! That’s Spanish for rum!

Do I sound a little punchy? I started my day at 4:00 a.m. in LA, up early for the drive to SD. Now it’s four hours later and I’m only just getting around to my first cup of coffee. So, yeah, I’m a little out-of-body, but whatever.

Check out the review. It’s a corker.

More later , -jv

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