Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner

What’s special about this place?

It’s the San Francisco Bay Area card room where today I won — first place, last man standing — a no-limit Texas hold’em tournament. This is of note not because it’s my first tournament win (it’s not) but because I ran through the field with a confidence and competence borne of my absorption (at last!) of the new poker book I’ve co-authored with Annie Duke, DECIDE TO PLAY GREAT POKER. I did. And it worked.

Campers, if you’re among my non-poker playing readers, feel free to do nothing more with this post than to say (or think silently to yourself) mazel tov, JV. But if you DO play poker and you want to play better, this is a book you simply must get. I’m saying that now not just as co-author, but also a user and, in fact, disciple. Annie Duke is the smartest cat in pokerdom, and now I know what she knows. You can, too.

More later, -jv

(Still a little high off the win – can you tell?)

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