The Thing About DECIDE

I’m always thrilled when the first box of a new book of mine shows up on my doorstep. The latest looks like this.

… and can be found at Amazon @ but that’s not really the point. The point is this: the more I think about this book, the more I realize what a foundation it is for a poker player’s game. Honestly, no matter what your level of development, DECIDE’ll take you to the next level or the one after that or the one after that. And it’ll do so repeatedly, every time you re-read it (as I am right now — at last I get to enjoy the book as a reader not a proofreader).

You know, years ago my friend Bill Bleich and I used to throw the I Ching before we went to play poker, and we let those symbolic stones dictate what image we’d bring to the club: frisky, loose, tight, aggressive, clueless, whatever; the I Ching told us how to play. I was musing on that today and realized that, among other things, DECIDE lets you be completely blind to your image. You can take the correct line of play (you’ll always know what it is) and then dress it up with any threat-posture or nonsense-posture or clueless-posture you wish. It simply doesn’t matter what image you project, because your fundamental play of each and every hand will be so strong.

And you know what? As I write these words I think I sound very much like a guy who’s hawking his own wares. But I don’t feel like that at all. Rather, I feel like I’m proselytizing for the new religion, one I have a huge affinity for, regardless of any role I may have played in its genesis. No, I can put it more simply: I’m a fan; I’m reading a book that’s changed everything for me in poker, and I know it’ll have that effect on virtually everyone who reads it.

So check it out on Amazon (many positive reviews – yay) or check out the excerpts at But in any case, do get acquainted with this book. Although I wrote it, I didn’t conceive it, so therefore I can say without fear of looking “up myself” that it’s the best poker book of this generation. Check it and see.

More later, -jv

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