Author-Narrated Audio

Hey, campers, I just got my shipment of LUCY IN THE SKY .mp3 audio discs, and they look like this.

Well, this one of them looks like this. Excellent presentation and packaging by Spoken Word, Inc. As both author and narrator, I’m a proud papa.

And how do I sound? Well, if all goes according to plan, you can find out by clicking here on this randomly chosen sample.

Or head on over to Spoken Word for a different clip, not chosen at random, but chosen as the first chapter.

Here’s the true truth about author-narrated audio.  I don’t have the most demonstrative voice or polished approach — I’m no Leonard Nimoy narrating Cosmos (nor even William Shatner doing Common People) — but I do bring something to the party that the pros don’t, and that’s an intimate connection to the work, which I think comes through in the read, and also think there’s an audience for. But sample the samples and see for yourself, yeah?

For those who are readers not hearers, the ebook and paperback editions are available now at

So rock, then roll. More later and peace out, -jv