Word Processor

Self-produced in 1984 on the ironically vainglorious ONE STAR RECORDS label, Word Processor sold literally tens of copies before disappearing by the box-load into my basement. Some copies currently reside in 25-year time capsules for my nieces and nephews (good luck finding a phonograph in 2025). Others got wet, warped or chewed by rats. But a few copies do remain, and if you feel you must own one in its original plastic sleeve, contact me directly and discreetly and we’ll see if we can come to terms. Meanwhile, thanks to the prestidigitation of digitization, the album has been reborn in mp3 form. I may be violating copyright laws by offering the tracks here for free, but I own the copyright, so what the hell. Enjoy!

All songs c. jv except Smoke, by me and Bob Herrmann. Everlasting thanks and blame to John Curtis, Karen Kane, Karen Leipziger and Chris McClary for their contributions. And yes, I did have all that hair.

word processsor cover composite word processsor back composite

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