My Two Thanksgivings

All things considered, it wasn’t too bad. As planned, I went to the Starlight Diner, this place…

John Vorhaus

Where they have old-timey American ads like these…

John Vorhaus John Vorhaus

Beer like this…

Moscow 2-09 030

Mustard like this…

Moscow 2-09 039

And wonderful colleagues like these…

Moscow 2-09 025

(Colleagues sold separately.)

I chose the traditional Thanksgiving repast of Buffalo Chicken Wrap, which I forgot to photograph until, really, too late.

Moscow 2-09 034

Speaking of late, I managed to make the late-night expatriates’ poker game with these guys.

Moscow 2-09 042

So… convivial meal of sketchy provenance with (new) good friends… lively poker till the wee smalls… Moscow Thanksgiving… I guess I’ve got plenty to be thankful for after all.

More later, -jv

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