About JV

People who might like to hire me as a writer or creative consultant, or just generally investigate my sordid past, would naturally want to take a peek at my curriculum vitae or bio or both. Links to these documents can be found below.

But there’s a third document here, one I’ve been compiling — well, you could say that I’ve been compiling it all my life. I call it my “whole-life résumé,” and it is a (partial) list of the things I’ve done or witnessed or participated in or succeeded at (or failed at) that have made my experience of life on earth (so far) worthwhile.

I’ve learned a lot about myself from constructing and contemplating this résumé. You may learn (or anyway deduce) a thing or two about me from reading it. But whatever you learn about me will hold no candle to what you can learn about yourself by doing the same.  I recommend the exercise. If nothing else, it’ll give focus to your memories when you’re older and perhaps in danger of forgetting how much fun you had being you.

Whole-life Résumé