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  1. Hebergeur says:

    Starting with a wink at his own dumb title and a case for whimsy as a writer’s best friend, veteran writer and writing instructor John Vorhaus offers us this latest glimpse inside his writing mind. Drawing on a quarter-century of experience in writin

  2. Patric Cambra says:

    Loved your book Little book of Sitcom. Putting the polish on my sitcom and I’m gonna submit it to a couple people inLA with way more confidence. I learned more in your book than I did in my Masters program. Thanks again!

  3. Linda Fitak says:

    Hi John! I just bought your Little Book of Sitcom, and I filled it with yellow highlighting! Every page was a gem. I’m thinking about getting Your Sitcom Mission, but I wonder how much of it will actually be a repeat of the one I have. I already know about the Kevins, set glue, 15 steps, etc, and I noticed on Amazon that these things are included in that book too. Thanks!

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