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  1. Sarah Walton says:

    Hi John, Thanks for The Comic Toolbox – it’s now my bible for script writing! Pure genius! Much gratitude, Sarah

  2. Evelyn Ashley says:

    Coo,Coo John
    Was glad to see you on “unboxed”. Was on your list for free download of Texas Twist. Am now a follower. Enjoyed your unselfies on trip to Europe and now your weird, wayout, whimsical wisdom. Keep ’em laughing!

  3. Al Spath says:

    Love slang, use it myself.

    Dustbuster – lady never plays a hand, needs one to clean off cobwebs on her chips.

    Hawaii – the hand QJ and people who play it are Hawaiians.
    The reason it’s called Hawaii is, if you don’t play QJ for a year, the money you save you could afford a trip to Hawaii (wink)

  4. paul carbonaro says:

    Hi, John. Loved ‘The little of sitcom,’ and I am already putting into practice the advice you gave. My question now focuses on submissions. I have used ‘Scriptapalooza’ in the past, and managed a ‘runner-up’ spot (as did many others) in the ‘pilot’ category. The organizers lump all pilots together as opposed to having a separate one for different genres. That’s unfortunate, I think. Any thoughts you have regarding submissions of sitcom pilots will be very welcome. Thanks! Paul

  5. Sean Flanagan says:

    Hi John,
    We read your Little Book of Sitcom. We thought it was excellent, a super book. I have one quick question. In terms of an the A,B and C storylines can you use the 15 Steps of Sitcom Story for one character with storyline A and in the same episode use it for another character for their storyline B?

    Thank you so much.
    -Foil Arms and Hog
    (An Irish sketch comedy group)

  6. Peter says:


    I have read your books, and watched videos. I am a up and coming stand up comedian in Finland. The problem I am facing is that when I am writing material for my set. I can write a story. But how do I get the main idea out of the story to make it funny? Do I make a comic perspective and add flaw and humanity and try to pull something out of that? or do I read over the story and try to find the main point. The hardest thing is I have lived a wild life and I want to tell the world that story but how do i break it down to Stand up comedy form?

    Thank you for your time

  7. Deb says: I used to play poker with some friends. A couple of us were so green that we kept the “what wins” card between us on the table. I actually used to win from time to time because I started to get it..then everyone started having kids and the regular game evaporated. I have a question about side bets. Is it permissable for someone who is not actually sitting in on a game to instigate (if that’s the right word) a side bet on who at the table finishes with the best hand, not necessarily the winner. Or could somebody get shot over this?

  8. Emily Antonen says:

    Thanks for your latest on WU.

    Squeezing Out the Stupid is exactly my writing life. Thanks for articulating it and for the validation.

    “If you’re a pantser and you know it, slap your head.” Everybody sing…

  9. Jayde says:

    That’s an initllegent answer to a difficult question xxx

  10. Lanier says:

    Just read your email post – bewilderness and other new words
    Loved it and I’m stealing Idiotdactic in an article I’m working on for a higher education publication. Perfect timing is a gift that should never be ignored.

    Keep ’em coming.

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