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The California Roll Promo Video

The worthies at Random House asked me to put together a video introducing myself as the author of The California Roll. I didn’t let it interfere with my routine.

The California Roll promo video

Save Angel Hope

It seemed like a good idea at the time — well, it was a good idea at the time — a con caper starring Billy Boyd, who was a hobbit in Lord of the Rings but is taller in this. For reasons too byzantine to relate, the movie has seen very limited light of day. You can, for instance, download it from Russian pirate-video websites, but don’t expect to see it in your local redbox kiosk any time soon.

At least there’s a trailer. It’s kinda cool. Click to play.

Save Angel Hope trailer

Killer Poker: Excerpt

Killer Poker: Strategy and Tactics for Winning Poker Play
by John Vorhaus


killer poker 2

I’m a bully. I’m a bastard. I push people around. I frighten them and manipulate them, lie to them, menace them, pressure them, threaten them, mislead them, outthink them, outfox them, run rings around them in every conceivable way. And then when I’m done… (more…)


Here’s me being the sage of poker of our time, some time ago.

The Number 23

23Since the dawn of time, the number 23 has had significant mystical portent. You can find it referenced in the Gnostic Bible, the Kaballah, the writings of the Illuminati, and many other place I may or may not be making up. Needless to say, it’s the superstar number. Just ask Michael Jordan or LeBron James — ask them, that is, what they know that you don’t know. Or ask any Hollywood writer who, when any number is called for in a TV or film script, inevitably uses number 23. Forget about the movie The Number 23. That was a lame attempt (and by attempt I mean movie) to hide the 23 conspiracy in plain sight. For a more adept use of the mythos, check out Inglourious Basterds, and note a basterd being assigned to the key cinema seat number 0023. Me, I just use 23 as an all-purpose greeting, like aloha. Aloha! 23!

jv and temp 23

This is a picture of me and my dog, whose name is not 23. What do you think his name should be? Leave your comment here.

Welcome, Friends!

Tuesday, August 25th, 2009

Hi everybody. Welcome to my new and improved, upgraded and updated website. I’m happy you’re here. I hope you’ll leave your 2¢ before you go. And check back often. There may be new words. -jv

Killer Poker Online: Excerpt

Killer Poker Online: Crushing the Internet Game
by John Vorhaus

Chapter One: True Facts of Online Poker

killer poker

First fact: Online poker is not the same as online gambling. If you put your money into play at or or any other online gambling site I might make up, one thing is for sure: You will not win. Not in the long run. (more…)

The Killer Poker Hold’em Handbook: Excerpt

The Killer Poker Hold’em Handbook: A Workbook for Winners
by John Vorhaus


killer poker holdem handbook

LPOP stands for “little pairs out of position.” Let’s take a look at them and see how the play of them can be a seductive loser, a leak in our games that we can stand to plug. For the sake of this discussion, we’ll define little pairs as anything below pocket eights, and out of position as anywhere from under the gun to middle position.

When you play LPOP, you’re hoping for an outcome parlay; that is, you need a number of related outcomes to occur. Here’s everything you’re hoping for:

  1. You get sufficient callers.
  2. You face no raises.
  3. You flop a set.
  4. Your hand holds up.

Let’s examine each of these parlay parts in turn. (more…)

Killer Poker Online/2: Excerpt

Killer Poker Online/2: Advanced Strategies for
Crushing the Internet Game
by John Vorhaus

Chapter 16: The Day of Living Derangerously

killer poker online2

DATE: AUGUST 6, 2005

TIME: 3:26 AM




This may be the stupidest idea ever.

Twenty-four hours of internet poker, chronicled all the way in diary form.

Yep, stupidest idea ever.

But it’s one I’ve had in mind since I first started writing this book, and with my deadline just weeks away now I can put off no longer the so-called “day of living derangerously.” So what’s the plan? Just me, Microsoft Word, music, DSL, my choice of online cash games and tournaments, and lots and lots and lots of coffee. When I cooked up this scheme, I thought it would be enlightening, or at least a lark. Now that it is upon me, I think it must be insane. (more…)

Killer Poker Shorthanded: Excerpt

Killer Poker Shorthanded
by John Vorhaus and Tony Guerrera

Chapter 1: Shorthanded Thinking

killer poker shorthanded

No limit Texas hold’em has been called, “a game of people played with cards.” While we like that appellation, we also find it true that, in fullhanded ring games at least, NLHE is still pretty much a game of cards played with cards. That is, your decisions are based more on assumptions about what hands your foes hold than on assumptions about how they’ll play those hands. To take one well-known number, the odds are about 4:1 against being dealt a hold’em hand containing an ace or a pair. In a full ring game, then, if you don’t have a hand like that, you can figure yourself beaten in two places going in – and figure that your best course of action in most cases is to muck the Hammer (7-2) or the Numpty (6-2) or whatever other egregious piece of cheese you’ve been dealt. (more…)